Sing to the Dough

 I went home last week for Christmas. Home will always be Melbourne, Florida where I grew up. My childhood days were filled with sunshine, swimming, golf cart rides and trips to the beach. It was a charmed life indeed, not without the normal teenage angst and family drama,  but considering all that I know of the world […]

Recipes for Growing Young

This book, Julia, Child  by Kyo Maclear has been traveling around my house for weeks now. It’s a library book I’ve renewed three times, I can’t bear to part with it. Perhaps this is a clear indication I should buy it. The illustrator, Julie Morstad, must be mentioned because the pictures are what truly bring […]

Give Them Time

In my years of teaching, and now parenting in Northern Virginia, I have observed this crazy phenomenon that makes me want to run into the country with my family and recreate some form of a straightforward existence- channeling the Ingalls family from “Little House on the Prairie” or some other romantic notion of what it […]