61VD1dn7rpL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_We all get set in our routines. They are comfortable and make life easier. But I think we miss out when we don’t make space for new adventures. I think we miss out on opportunities for growth and experiences that spark our imaginations in new ways.

The boys and I read this sweet book, Madame Martine by Sarah Brannen the other night. It’s about a woman who lives in Paris and is very set in her ways. She does the same thing on the same day every week. Sound familiar? Family life tends to survive on routine. While I am a firm believer in routine, especially for young children, I do think we need to go off the grid a bit here and there.

I think this for a couple of reasons. As parents, we are always encouraging our children to try new things. We want them to tackle new experiences with confidence. We want them to see the value in new experiences. The best way we can encourage our children to try new things is to try new things ourselves, not just once in a while but consistently. When trying new things happens often enough, it becomes part of a family’s routine. The other reason to make space for new adventures is it’s good for us. We get a break from the to-do list and all of a sudden we have room in our brains for new insights and a chance to catch our breathe.

Thankfully, dear Madame does make her way off the grid. When she does, she finds herself saying out loud, “I never knew how beautiful it was.”

It is beautiful- the world that is.

New adventures remind us of this. Yet, we don’t have to go far. A State Park, a museum, a walk through a new part of town or a local park, a new restaurant, and new eyes to see the beauty of it all.