We Made It

Now that I am an avid participant in social media, I’m sometimes uncomfortable with the idea of presenting a manicured “reel” of moments or insights from my life that don’t accurately portray the messiness of it all. So friends, here are some highlights from the week. These include those unseen, uncomfortable, or less than stellar […]

You Know What Assuming Does…

Yesterday I took Owen to his first day of “Kindergarten Jumpstart” at our neighborhood elementary school. For two weeks, the Kindergarteners have the school to themselves as a way of getting to know the building, the teachers and the other kids before the first official day of school when it’s swarming with the big kids. I think […]

No Home is an Island

  Our home for the past five years went up for sale today. I couldn’t wait for the “For Sale” sign to hit our yard, and this morning, at the sight of the sign, my heart felt a little twinge. We were happy renters in Arlington when we decided to start looking for our first home. […]

What Sustains Us

  Christian and I met ten years ago, as starry-eyed 23 and 24 year olds, both trying to find our place in the world. At the time, there was only one place in Northern Virginia for like-minded, passionate twenty-somethings looking for their life’s purpose: Dr. Dremo’s in Arlington, where dedicated and haphazard kickball players alike […]