Mirrors and Confucious

It’s almost bedtime. Christian is working late and I am busy herding the boys up the stairs and into the bathroom. It is later than I want it to┬ábe and I am growing impatient and exhausted in equal measure. The boys are spinning with frenzied energy, circling around each other and into each other, shouting […]

Sharing the Load

(The “Load”- the water drops on the right are indicative of how messy this all is…) After a long, joy-filled summer with the boys the school year started with an abrasive jolt to our family unit. For weeks I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. Just when I thought I might be close to […]

Little Boys, Big Emotions

Emotions have been running high in our home lately. Going back to school after two weeks off is no doubt a jarring experience (for everyone involved), yet it’s clear to me that both of my boys are trying to cope with new uncharted territory in their little worlds. Mostly, it’s that their little worlds are […]

Look Up

Over a week ago, my cell phone finally bit the dust. I guess it can only be thrown across the driveway so many times before it waves its white flag. Internally, I acknowledged the inconvenience of my current situation and then I decided to embrace a digital detox for the next few days. I had […]