Believe in the Beauty

So now that the pendulum is swinging in favor of creativity, children’s authors are having a field day. And I’m so glad. I’m glad not only because this allows me to bring some great new books into the lives of the children I teach, but also because I feel like these books are an inspiration […]

Recipes for Growing Young

This book, Julia, Child  by Kyo Maclear has been traveling around my house for weeks now. It’s a library book I’ve renewed three times, I can’t bear to part with it. Perhaps this is a clear indication I should buy it. The illustrator, Julie Morstad, must be mentioned because the pictures are what truly bring […]

Navigating the Mental Clutter

I love this story for so many reasons. I may have overlooked it if it hadn’t sparked such meaningful dialogue with Owen after reading it. Henry the pig stares up at the stars to see the “Great Pig” in all it’s wonder. In sharing his exciting discovery with all of the other farm animals, he realizes that […]

Making Time for New Adventures

We all get set in our routines. They are comfortable and make life easier. But I think we miss out when we don’t make space for new adventures. I think we miss out on opportunities for growth and experiences that spark our imaginations in new ways. The boys and I read this sweet book, Madame Martine […]