Students at the Center

There was a moment in graduate school, towards the end of my final semester, when I looked around at my classmates who I had come to know over the past year and I felt truly overwhelmed with joy. (Except perhaps that one woman who liked to ask complex questions about pedagogy in the last five minutes of a […]

Like a Scientist

It’s late. I look at the clock and it’s a few minutes after 9:00 pm. I can still hear Owen rustling around in his bedroom. I know this means I will need to bring out the trumpets in the morning to wake him up for school. The lights are off in his room but I […]

Dear Teachers, It’s Time to Reset

Dear Teachers, I wanted to remind you of a few very important things. Some things you likely already know, but may have forgotten. You have incredible power. Power to connect, to nurture, to ignite. You are one person capable of immense, noble, life-changing things. Ignore the dooms day news surrounding your career. Yes, Finland seems […]

Mirrors and Confucious

It’s almost bedtime. Christian is working late and I am busy herding the boys up the stairs and into the bathroom. It is later than I want it to be and I am growing impatient and exhausted in equal measure. The boys are spinning with frenzied energy, circling around each other and into each other, shouting […]