Let’em Color the Walls

What to do when it’s a weekend rain day and you have one man down (thanks to the flu) and the other has to log an hour or two in the home office? A situation like this calls for some type of novelty- a new activity that will get the kids excited and keep them engaged […]

Little Boys, Big Emotions

Emotions have been running high in our home lately. Going back to school after two weeks off is no doubt a jarring experience (for everyone involved), yet it’s clear to me that both of my boys are trying to cope with new uncharted territory in their little worlds. Mostly, it’s that their little worlds are […]

Sing to the Dough

  I went home last week for Christmas. Home will always be Melbourne, Florida where I grew up. My childhood days were filled with sunshine, swimming, golf cart rides and trips to the beach. It was a charmed life indeed, not without the normal teenage angst and family drama,  but considering all that I know of the […]

What Did You Make Today?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the nature of creating, about what it means to be “creative”. I think our default thinking is a person who is a great artist, writer, or musician. At least this was my way of thinking for most of my life. And then, depending on how you grew up, your family’s […]

Believe in the Beauty

So now that the pendulum is swinging in favor of creativity, children’s authors are having a field day. And I’m so glad. I’m glad not only because this allows me to bring some great new books into the lives of the children I teach, but also because I feel like these books are an inspiration […]